A Reputation-Based Economy

The artist Paolo Cirio said to me two years ago, “We operate in a reputation-based economy in the arts.” It’s an eloquent summary of the systemic forces at play.

When you couple this with the concept of “signifiers of value”, how power compounds itself becomes very clear. Paolo addresses this in his work and it’s something I hope to address in my work with digm.

2015 in the Gallery

You have to make space in your life for a new relationship.

In 2015, I am not working on any exhibitions in the Gallery. We are inviting others to curate exhibitions and Kurt has hired an event consultant to help drive/coordinate events. We are doing this so that I have the space and time to work on digm.

From the beginning our intention was to help promote Colorado artists in the international market. We believe the infrastructure we’re building with digm will be the best way to accomplish that goal.

It took an enormous amount of work to get to the point where I could be extricated from daily activities, consuming the better portion of probably 6-8 months:

  • I returned over 350 works of art I had in inventory. I believe the cost of art handling is too high relative to our fundamental goal of bringing benefit to the artists. Keeping inventory in-house just isn’t how we make money. It will also eliminate any possibility of accidents or theft and simplify insurance tracking. It also takes too much time to do it well, and it is non-negotiable that one do it well.
  • I continue to show private clients work via digital images and then bring the work in person when there is interest. Ironically, we’ve had increased sales this way.
  • I eliminated any staff. That was hard to do. However to keep the costs pegged to the income, it was necessary. It also took too much of my time relative to where I want to allocate my time this year.
  • The late night lounge is still active with the Tavern Liquor License and open for events (openings, parties).

I am excited to see what this year brings! Never a dull moment around here.